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I was born in Puerto Rico, grew up in NYC, lived in Westchester County, NY and then moved to Southern Maryland.

I am a very happy person and somewhat of a clown, as anyone that knows me well can attest. I am an avid Marvel movie junkie. I own every MCU movie released during the past 14 years. (I know I'm wearing a Batman mask in the picture). My husband and I love Christmas and we totally decorate our home every year. YES! We are THAT house with all the Christmas lights dancing to music. I bake a mean chocolate cake and pumpkin cookies (from scratch) and I crochet.

I am a sports mom....well soccer mom really. My daughter only did swim for a short period, but my son has played soccer for 9 years now.  

My love for photography started in my early youth when I would visit my grandmother during summer vacations. She had about 3 to 4 wonderful family albums. My favorite albums were the ones where I saw gramma's old pictures taken in the early 1900’s. I would ask who those people were and she would tell me while including the stories behind the photos. What kid doesn’t like stories? Those family albums rapidly connected me with our family's history and the stories brought the photos to life. My great grandmother has a face, not just a name.

Like every mom I constantly took snapshots of my kids growing up. I wanted to capture each precious moment at every event and remember the story behind each face in the photos. My photo collection provides the answers to "Who was that?", "Where was that?" and "Was that me there then too?" A full treasure chest of wonderful family history!

In January of 2018 I decided to do a full wall display of pictures of my co-workers. Our work family. I used my iPhone to capture birthday celebration events or random office days. We all had a great time capturing those moments. The display continues to be a constant attention-getter especially as it grows. In July of 2018 I made the decision to pursue photography as a career. Although I knew this is what I wanted to do, I still didn’t have the “WHY?”. The why didn’t hit me until November when my boss passed away unexpectedly, I had all of these random pictures and videos of him and I was able to give that precious history to his family. I found my Why!! I want to help families keep precious moments immortalized in professional photography - I know I am getting really good at doing it because every shutter click brings - a HUGE SMILE with a long memory!!

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

~Dr. Seuss~

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